Teambuilding in Berlin

The ACUD Art House in Berlin

Kunsthaus ACUD Eingang

The ACUD-Kunsthaus is the last artistic space in Berlin that was created at the turn of 1990 and has survived to this day. His aim is to preserve Berlin's diversity and otherness in art and culture in the future.
The ACUD-Kunsthaus is a mixture of different directions of the art scene, a huge art surface that can be compared to the now closed Tacheles.
In addition to numerous studios, the town has a gallery, a theatre, two cinemas, a large rehearsal room, as well as a club and concert hall.

If you are interested in new unconventional art concepts, you can expect regular exhibitions of various characters, experimental theatre and a varied cinema programme with artistic demands.
The ACUD offers artists from all over Berlin the opportunity to develop new ideas and exchange ideas. Especially in the Bar Max Fish in the ACUD with its beer garden, creative people and people interested in art meet to linger.

Approx. 17 minutes walk from the Hotel Augustinenhof.

street address
ACUD Art Gallery
Veteran Street 21
10119 Berlin

The history of ACUD

Kunsthaus ACUD Lesung

Like many other art locations in Berlin, it was not always easy for the ACUD to maintain its place in fast-moving Berlin.
Several times it was about to close down, as the concept of the house is not based on profit, but on the preservation and promotion of the Berlin art scene.
The ACUD has always been an honorary association project that was able to protect itself from foreclosure thanks to insolvency proceedings.
Founded in 1990, the art gallery with the former name DUCA originally found its place in Rykestraße 13 in Prenzlauer Berg in two apartments of a dilapidated, empty house. Through the association with other projects, the non-profit Alternative Kunstverein ACUD e.V. was founded. The dilapidated house in Rykestraße soon became out of the question as a location. Therefore the association, which had won many friends and advocates in the meantime, could select itself with the help of a housing association, the district center and many further associations one of 50 houses for the continuation of its activities.
The choice fell on a property in Veteranenstraße, which the ACUD finally bought in 2001 after much to and fro.
A heritable building right contract was concluded, which attributed the building 50 years of cultural use. After extensive and cost-intensive renovation work with the support of the state of Berlin, the ACUD-Kunst- und Kulturhaus was finally opened in 2006.
In 2010 it became clear that the Alternative Kunstverein was unable to repay its debts of almost 1 million euros arising from the renovation to the creditors. In addition, the state of Berlin reduced its project funding due to construction defects.
Although the creative artists were able to continue their artistic work, the building was always close to foreclosure. The association was finally forced to file for insolvency.
This enabled the association to find an investor for the Kunsthaus, who also let the building on a rental basis in the future.
In 2014, the ACUD-Kunsthaus was saved from foreclosure and opened under the name "ACUD macht neu".
Meanwhile the work of the association is also secured for the future. As an independent place for the arts, the house has once again opened all areas for art and visitors.

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