Teambuilding in Berlin

Monbijoupark and theater: entertainment in Berlin

The Monbijoupark is located in Berlin-Mitte and invites you to relax with a 40000 m² large park area. The green area includes a large basketball court, many seats and a nine metre long promenade along the shore. It is located in a very trendy nightlife area in the heart of Berlin and is close to the Hackescher Markt train station.

Dancing in Monbijoupark

Summer is coming to Berlin and so is the open air season. The beach bar in the Monbijoupark in Berlin-Mitte invites you to dance again. From 1st May 2018 a several kind of events will take place every day on the Spree. Whether Salsa, Tango, Swing or attending appropriate dance courses - you can experience something different every day. If you would like to know when your favourite dance or the corresponding dance course will take place, click here.

History of Monbijoupark Berlin

Until 1959, Monbijou Palace stood in place of the park in Berlin-Mitte. The castle was partially destroyed after the war, but large parts of it remained intact. Reconstruction did not take place, however, as this would have been a very expensive process, which was not planned in communist East Berlin. The castle was a very impressive building, which was built for Countess Wartenberg. After her reputation had fallen into disrepute, the crown prince moved with his wife to Monbijou Castle. In the garden stood an incredible church of red granite. The Hohenzollern Museum and the bed in which Friedrich Wilhelm I died were also located in Monbijou Castle.

Until 1962 the park was converted into a hustle and bustle. These included an outdoor swimming pool for children and a small restaurant, which was demolished in 2000. Between 2006 and 2007 the park was redesigned by architects from Berlin, so that now all paths run through the park. Large green areas and leisure facilities were also made available. After the suggestion of the residents, a toboggan hill was built for the winter and the former barbecue area has also been redesignated. After removing the bushes there is a clear view from Oranienburger Straße under the treetops almost to the Spree. The Monbijou Bridge, rebuilt in October 2006, connects the park with the Bode Museum and Museum Island.

The Monbijou Theatre

In the middle of the Monbijoupark in Berlin-Mitte there is one of the largest open-air theatres in Berlin. The theatre has two stages, on which one or two performances take place daily in the summer months.

History of the Monbijou Theatre

The Monbijou Theatre was founded in the 1990s because the independent theatre group Hexenkessel Hoftheater lost its stage. In search of a new place, they came across Monbijoupark. Since the end of the 1990s, they have held regular performances and dance evenings in summer opposite the Bode Museum in the amphitheatre. Mainly plays by Shakespeare, Goldoni or Molière are performed. What began very small developed in the course of time to the theater, which registers today with over 100,000 visitors per year.

The amphitheatre

The amphitheatre was built for the first time in 2008 and has room for 450 spectators. For approval reasons, half of it has to be built up every year in autumn and dismantled in spring.

The Fairytale Huts

The fairytale huts have been located in Berlin's Monbijoupark since 2007 and were brought from Poland to Berlin in individual parts. They are used in the winter months to stage mainly fairy tales. The focus is on fairy tales by the brothers Grimm and Hans-Christian Andersen. The cabins can accommodate 200 people.

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